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01 avril 2019

Oh, Welcome April!


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03 décembre 2018

Thought of the Day: On Happiness

Hello Lovelies,




photo (c) Beautymist


Here's to wishing you all a happy weekend!

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

Nathaniel Hawthorne



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30 septembre 2018

A Highly Recommended Read

Hello Lovelies,


(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

This article published on the apartment therapy blog about "How to Fall in Love with the Home You Live In Right Now" has been my daily read for the last past months and it has been a life-saver. so full of helpful tips! Of course, these tips and piece of advice only work if you actually DO and act upon them. Taking baby steps, applying each tip one week at a time (or at your own pace) can do wonder for your daily life.


At least, it has worked for me, so I wanted to share.

The basic and simple (and effective!) idea here is that overwhelming states of clutter and chaos at home can be avoided by tidying/cleaning a little bit everyday, making this into a mindful habit. The power of small baby steps!


Other similar articles I found helpful when needing to declutter/organize a small space:

How To Make Your Home Look 10 Times Better in 10 Minutes Or Less (again, on the AT blog)

As well as as a bunch of great articles on this new (to me) website called "One Good Thing". This one article is a fave : "33 of Our Best Organizing Tips and FREE Printable Planners!"


Happy reading!



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19 février 2018

About Me: Read the Matchbook Questionnaire

Hey Lovelies,




I have decided to answer the questions Matchbook magazine is asking his fave designers! Here goes:


Tea or coffee? tea, of course!


image source:


I collect: art, vintage perfme bottles, ceramics & teaware.



Photo, my own. Beautymist (c) 2011-2018. 

Favourite city: the one I haven't visited yet. Lisbon, anyone?


Spring or Fall: Fall of the Patriarchy.


Bloom of choice: I find Peonies timeless.


Photo, my own. Beautymist (c) 2005-2018.

Style Icon: Lee Miller.


solarized portrait of Lee Miller by Man Ray.


China Pattern: I prefer plain white, with abstract/geometric patterns on the napkins.


I'm lusting after: ...some quiet "me" time.


Don't forget to add your own answers in the comments section below! I would love to hear from you.



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09 janvier 2018

The Beauty of Winter

“ Winter is a time for comfort…for good food and warmth. For touch of a friendly hand and for talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.
— Edith Sitwell


photo by otchipotchi


Winter to-do List (as inspired by fieldandsea)

Winter to-do list: staying close to home, bundling up in tights, eating warm and spicy pasta, collecting artwork, cuddling up on the couch.

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03 novembre 2017

Inspiration: Dark Walls

Hello Lovelies,


It's been a while since I posted here... LIfe's been busy.Which is a good thing!


So... back to my timeless love for dark, dramatic places.

I found this beautiful space shared by a couple of creative people on the French IKEA website (they have a great "inspirational ideas" page):


I like that it's set in the city of Berlin, and that two bloggers/artists live there. Kind of reminds me of Sandra Juto... Would love to visit Berlin someday...

The design*sponge blog has published a great piece on the power of dark walls in small spaces...


I've moved to a place where the walls are white with dark grey wall-to-wall carpeting: a classic combo for renters. I would love warm grey or dark chocolate walls in my place instead. And I'm gathering inspirational images before trying it out at leaqst on one accent wall.

Just like designer Åsa Dyberg says, "I'm growing tired of white walls (and find brown ones much more sophisticated"). Here's a design project Asa did that is drool worthy:


Let's paint it black!



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11 août 2017

Just breathe




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10 juin 2017

Chiyogami Paper is Wonderful!


Need a nice patterned paper for a craft project?
Go check the chiyogami amazing Japanese patterns at Canon's Creative Park! There are pages of them there... Yum!

Jusy go to Canon's website, click, click on the "Art" scrolldown menu, then select "chiyogami" and... voilà!


You can use chiyogami for many projects, for example:



found via the How About Orange blog. Thanks Jessica!


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18 juin 2014

My Feelings, Exactly

Hello Lovelies,

Maybe I will go back to this blog, or merge it with my new one, I'm still thinking about how to do things right. Anyway, I've been browsing a lot of tumblr blogs lately and found this em that expresses my feelings with exactitute:




A house... and a home.

My best,



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21 avril 2013

Spring is finally here: a wishlist for me and my new rental. (Part I : a new perfume for me).

Hello Lovelies,

So yes, i recently mentioned that i had moved to a (slightly) bigger and (much) better place. Nown wnat do I do next? How do i decorate the place so it feel like home?

I have started a pinterest board for random stuff i want/need for me and my new rental. I also have a secret board for my Sppring 2013 Wishlist. Finally, i have a board dedicated to finding the perfect pendant/chandelier for my high-ceilings living-room. One of my fave (and affordable) option is this chandelier by Habitat:


This move has been quite traumatic for me to tell you the truth. I had stayed 9 years in my previous place and accumulated way too much useless stuff. It was really awful to sort it all out and throw away so much. And i feel i still have too much. For instance, my living-room, 6 months after my move, is still filled with unopened boxes. Yay, it's that bad. So now i am trying real hard to keep Simplicity in mind and stick to the essentials (without sacrificing beauty). This book helps me a lot.

keep_it_simple_stupid-e1350472915873image found on a blog that reviews said book.

Spring is finally here, and I am slowly starting to feel better about my new place. It is not pêrfect, but i begin to actually like it. Spring is also the time of year when I itch to get a new, lighter perfume for myself. I am a huge fan of the Fragrantica site and its great community. Being a part of it has helped me a lot in reducing down choices.

In an ideal world, I would go for a bottle of Guerlain's "Après l'ondée". But all I could find online was a huge bottle (too big for me, as i like to switch perfumes often). Plus the bottle's deign put me off. It looks like this:


I'd much rather get a smaller bottle, with the original 1906 design which looks like this:


Unfortunately, it can only be purchased at guerlain's boutique in Paris. So what is a woman to do?

I've considered many options, and rethought my relationship with the Jo Malone fragrances. I have ordered last spring a bottle of French Lime Blossom. It was a blind buy, based on a few info and tips, and it was a huge disappointement for me. It's not a bad perfume, it's just that's it doesn't smell like what I thought would be some sort of citrus blossom. It smell of linden blossom. And I sneeze any time i spray it, so I may be allergic to it, on top of that.

Fortunately, the Jo Malone brand is very generous with samples, and I got quite a lot of them with my French Lime Blossom pruchase. Among the samples I think I found the "one" for me: Orange Blossom cologne. Yay! great summer/spring fragrance, beautiful geometric bottle, affordable price... What's not to love?


Now about my rental... First, I want to tackle the living-room. (to be continued).



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