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27 juin 2008

The BellJar shop (San Francisco)

If I lived in San Francisco... I would visit the BellJar shop for sure. Here's a sneak peek. A view of the shop, in the Mission district in SF: Have a sneak peak and more info at ATSF and remember... enjoy! Beautymist
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26 juin 2008

Peter Lippmann photography

Amazing, simply amazing... I always loved still life photography. Here are a few works by Peter Lippmann I just discovered today... "Mélisse" this one is from a series on water plants done for the magazine "Madame Figaro" These images are so soothing.... But today is a very hot one and i feel a bit like this: enjoy! Beautymist. PS: check out his website :
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25 juin 2008

Lena's new pillows

Here are some new pillows, which were designed both by Lena Corwin and Caitlin Mociun, a fashion designer. don't forget to have a peek at Lena's blog ! Beautymist. via Grace from the delighful Design*Sponge blog
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24 juin 2008

just a little bit more of chartreuse... ;-)

The talented and lovely Carol from "Yorktown Road" let me use her amazing photographs - macro views of chartreuse fabrics she sews. Together with that chartreuse flower, i think they would make a great triptych! with much chartreuse love,Beautymist. PS: check out this lovely fabric by Jenny Bergman (below)!
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22 juin 2008

Chartreuse obsession.

Hello all! I'm starting to have a serious case of chartreuse obsession. Maybe it's Victoria's fault, with all the gorgeous photographs she publishes of her own interior (including a Chartreuse armchair) on her blog and Flickr photostream. She also favorites a lot of green/yellow chairs... But what we're talking here is PAINT. I don't want to be beige anymore, i want to be brave, just like IKEA stated this winter, if you remember that ad campaign. I have a dark brown couch, found the perfect fitting pillows and now, i want a... [Lire la suite]
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01 juin 2008


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