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12 janvier 2009

More recent purchases @ Etsy


I've tried to show here in this blog all things that i find beautiful. Now, what did I actually buy for myself lately? I did all kinds of purchases, not necessarily holidays related. So this is my list, and you can now discover what I truly heart.

I already told you about a few of my fave sellers @ Etsy lately. This is part 2 of my Etsy faves, just as I promised...



A pair of nice earrings for the everyday found at "The Pebble Collection". I love that they are made from silver sterling, so that they don't irritate my skin! They're very simple and lovely : silver and transparent quartz.

Milk glass vases:


I decided on starting a new collection, namely milk glass vases. I found two of those cheap lovelies @ Brand*eye Etsy shop, as recommended by Scoutie girl! Thanks Janie for scouting beautiful handmade crafts for me!

Art & Prints:


A set of personalized (with my name) note cards with a beautiful deco umbelliferous plant that I used to wish a Happy New Year to my family and friends. Beautiful work from ModerPop Print. you can see them bigger here (badly scanned).


A set of boxed note cards by Rachel Austin. I love her paintings too and plan to buy one for my bedroom. Soon!



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