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31 mai 2009

Oh, and Happy, Happy Friday!

Oh and a happy weekend everyone! Follow your.... This print is available @etsy, in a shop called "le sophie". enjoy!-Beautymist
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30 mai 2009

Angie Lewin's New Work

I love Angie Lewin's prints and art. I've mentioned her before, but keep coming back to her blog and website. Beautiful! Apart from wonderful textiles, art and prints, she recently undertook some book covers projects: enjoy!-Beautymist. All images via the Print+Pattern blog. Thanks!
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26 mai 2009

Tea With Monjojo

hello! Today i'm in love with this cute stack of tea cups cum sweet creature on top:, by Monjojo, a Brazilian artist: Check out the monjojo blog! Enjoy! -Beautymist.
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25 mai 2009

Yellow Monday

hello lovelies! Today I love this desk (set in a bedroom in a West Coast Beach House, Barbados): This vignette has been designed and arranged by Suzy Hoodless (via the decorology blog).enjoy!-Beautymist.
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24 mai 2009

Dill Bathroom

Happy Sunday! Today I'm loving: via Whole Living (via Decorology) -Beautymist.
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23 mai 2009

Yes, we Cannes!

                                   The Cannes Festival is about to end tomorrow and I want to tell you a few words about the President of the Jury this year, actress extraordinaire Isabelle Huppert. And show some fashion and photos of her. She's magnificent. Love her casual wear with a twist here: look at those shoes! Huppert's dress for the Opening Night is by Armani Privé. Wonderful lace. Here she... [Lire la suite]
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23 mai 2009

In My Purse

Remember my mentioning a SAHM that could sew for me (read here)? Check her out! Gaelle at Korriga-L.Here's my small but oh-so-cute purse: I'm loving the way she customized with a pair of red mini-bells and a blue dragonfly! I had chosen the two fabrics (striped one outside and red one inside and a dragonfly on top). KoriiGa.L has really good taste and chose the color of the dragonfly just right and added the bells on the zip! More pics and info to come.... -Beautymist. PS: All photographs are by KorriGa.L - she kindly... [Lire la suite]
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22 mai 2009

Free Download from Coldplay!

As a tribute to their fans, the band Coldplay decided to give away a bunch of great songs... for free! Just click here: and enjoy!-Beautymist
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22 mai 2009

Typography Photography

OK, Folks, I'm back!!! And today I just love this Typography Photography: You can buy a print of this photograph (love the green "Y") here. enjoy!-Beautymist
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19 mai 2009

Blog Update

hello lovelies, I have to leave tonight for the countryside... It will be three days away from computer access... I'll do my best to give some extra posts on the weekend! bye for now,-Beautymist. image above is the background image of a website whose name I forgot. Sorry guys!
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