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25 août 2009

Back to School and Organizing

Hello !

...and welcome to my house. Below is my bedroom door repainted in light grey :


I love organizing and cleaning my home right before back to school. it's like starting a new year with a clean slate. :-)


Above, is my bedroom, with one wall repainted in bright white and a new shelf unit hung on the wall.

I've also tackled the bathroom, and repainted my living-room door in light grey, as I said. I still have a lot to throw out, mainly magazines, and clothes to give away to charity. There will be more white paint on my walls in the kitchen, bathroom, living-room and bedroom. Almost the whole apartment!

Bathroom medicine cabinet, before :


and after :


New shelves in the newly painted bathroom, neatly arranged :



(all photos by Beautymist).

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    I really like how organized you are.
    And I like how much "white space" you left between items...without crowding everything. Beautiful.

    Posté par sunny, 26 août 2009 à 21:38
  • thanks!

    why, thank you sunny!


    Posté par Beautymist, 27 août 2009 à 14:14

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