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16 mars 2010

Spring Cure 2010 Week1!

Hello Lovelies!


I'm doing the One-Room Remedy:


photos from Kelly & Jonathan's House Tour.

- Choose one room: the Kitchen. In my case, the kitchen also involves the entry and the eating nook.

- Gather pictures of rooms you love. DONE!

- Start a style tray. Done!
My style will be inspired by this photo from Domino: a white/yellow/orange kitchen. That is, a kitchen that is mostly white walls (repainted last August), and yellow/orange finishing touches.

- Visit your favourite home store ( Done! I bought everything I needed last Spring.

- Set your budget. It's gonna be zero dollars, since I need to purge/give away/donate rather than buy!

Last week's task: deep-clean clean the kitchen with the help of a friend. Thanks, A. !

Today's task: do ALL the dishes. ;-)

My Kitchen project:

Interesting resources on AT: DIY Kitchen Upgrades.


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