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19 avril 2013

Hello Design Enthusiasts!

Hello Lovelies!

I know, I know, it's been like forever. I've been busy with my creative life at my new blog "TeaButterfly". But... I still love design, and beauty, and architecture and stunning home decor. So here goes:

I just found out yesterday about a gorgeous home that is exactly the same size as my aprtment. It is real perfection. IMHO. I promise I will post pictures and info about it in my next blog post. But for now, I need to rant a bit, I mean I want to warn you guys about a really UNcool site that calls himself "The Cool Republic". sigh.



So I just stumbled upon this site called "The Cool Republic" and I just felt I had to share my feelings here. This French site is about trends in contemporary design, and has an online magazine describing such trends and presenting some awesome cool stuff.

So far, so good. It's even pretty cool, I think. But The Cool Republic" is also an online shop, and I must say that I really really don't like their aggressive marketing schemes here. First of all, I spotted three items that I really wanted to buy: some stationery (I'm a stationery junkie, as you may know), some organic cosmetics that look great (great natural ingredients, cool minimalistic packaging) and finally a very clever shelving system i could really use for the tons of books I own.

But, but, but...

A quick check on the intra-supergalactic-web shows that despite the claims of "The Cool Republic" site, these items are sold either on the manufacturers' online shop or on their Etsy shop, and at a better price! Gasp.

I dislike the whole marketing system here at "The Cool Republic". First, right on their homepage, they claim their products are unique and not available elsewhere. WRONG. Then they sell their stuff through an auction program, claiming "this item is only for sale for a short amount of time", basically saying to the customer to hurry, or the wanted item will be sold out. That is putting unnecessary pressure on the customers' shoulders and is so WRONG. The three items I checked are available and in stock for a long time, and as I said, on a lower price, at the original manufacturers' or designers' online shops.

Finally, "The Cool Republic" encourages their customers to get some meagre discounts ( 1€ or 5€, really?) by pressuring them to tell their friends about "The Cool Republic". I call this spamming. Yuck.

So thanks you "The Cool Republic" for letting me know about very cool products, but I think I will buy them elsewhere, thankyouverymuch.




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