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19 avril 2013

Inspiration: The Perfect Place For Me.

Hello Lovelies,

Remember that in a previous post today I said:

"I just found out yesterday about a gorgeous home that is exactly the same size as my new apartment (YES! I have moved). It is real perfection. IMHO. I promise I will post pictures and info about it in my next blog post."

I gotta run now, but here is a little preview:


muriel1_31018bcaa71ce09a0ccd79b377543532This is Muriel Cibot's living-room, as of 2011 - as published here, among other photos of her place.


Check out her custom-made shelving for books and decor accessories! But I promise it gets better. Her small loft in Paris has been updated recently so the photos I plan to post here are really drool-worthy!


See ya!



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