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11 septembre 2009

A long week in Paris.

louvre night, originally uploaded by Andy Watson1. Hello friends, both old and new, Starting today, I’ll be off for a long week in Paris. I'll be back with plenty of Parisian booty on Monday, the 21st. See ya! -Beautymist.
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10 septembre 2009

Funny Things Happen

Hello, A Dresser with Framed Insects (photo source unknown). Just when i was thinking of the new "bug decor" category, on September the 4th, sfgirlbybay and d*s, two of my fave blogs (they're daily reads, actually) happen to mention bugs the exact same day! First, let me mention the guest post by Amy Azzarito at d*s: she was talking about Wedgewood porcelain, but i happened to spot the beautiful butterflies in the cabinet! Have a look: Second, there was Victoria mentioning "weird science" on an pretty... [Lire la suite]
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09 septembre 2009

Giveaway at Pistachio Press

Hello! Pistachio Press is hosting their first giveaway and they'd love to have you enter! The winner of the giveaway will receive this print and two sets of cards of his/her choice. To enter, please stop by their blog and leave a comment. The giveaway will end on Sunday, September 13 at midnight (EST) and they'll announce the winner on Monday, September 14. Pistachio Press Links:our blog: whichonesareweeds.blogspot.comour online shop:
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09 septembre 2009

A Fresh Danish Home

Hello lovelies, "Bath series" by Karen Skotte-Lund @ KopCup. I'm usually attracted to small home decor, since i live in a small apartment myself.... But this Danish home I'm about to scan (you can click on each image to view it real large) and show to you today is really special. It made it to the cover of French decor magazine "le journal de la maison", Sept. 2009 issue, and rightfully so! Here's the cover story, showing the dining-room - I love its cheerful colors: The couple living there, Karen &... [Lire la suite]
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08 septembre 2009

Today I Love...

...this quiet, lovely and almost wabi-sabi vignette by stylist/interior designer Phoebe Howard. Phoebe is a master of muted colors... and she has a blog and a website quite worth the look! Don' miss this interview either! enjoy!-Beautymist
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07 septembre 2009

Tea With Nan Lawson

Hello! A very sweet love-filled teapot by Nan Lawson... Prints can be purchased here.
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04 septembre 2009

It's Time to Decorate with Bugs!

Hello Lovelies, it's me again! I've been thinking lately, especially after featuring here yesterday this amazing apartment found on ApartmentTherapy... Fact 1: I love home decor... obviously!Fact 2: I love bugs, yes, insects. I draw them. Butterflies, dragonflies, scarabs, you name it! They're beautiful! So why not decorate with bugs?! I think this new category will be dedicated to:1: My bug art. So I'll share my love with you.2. Examples of beautiful homes decorated with insects (be it fabric pattern, real insects dried and... [Lire la suite]
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04 septembre 2009

Oh, and A Happy, Happy Friday!

Hello lovelies! I wish you a very relaxing week-end, like, for real... Enjoy!-Beautymist. photo credit: here. And thanks to Hula Seventy, too!
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03 septembre 2009

A House Tour Not to Be Missed!

I really love these vignettes from Tara's and Ari's home, seen at ATNY. I love the bugs collection. It adds a nice touch to a modernist interior. Enjoy!-Beautymist.
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02 septembre 2009

A Very Special Cannes House

I love this vignette from the Cinema Villa in Cannes, which changes its decor and scenery every year! Also each room is stylized in a diffrent way, it's a crazy place to be in... Below is my fave room: Mid-Centyury modern meets Tribal Art. Very glamorous! Click on image to view real large. Torn from "Maison Française" magazine, April-May '09 issue. Enjoy! -Beautymist.
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