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28 mars 2009

ads on my blog coming soon...

ads on my blog coming soon...
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28 mars 2009

Oh, and happy, happy Weekend!

photo by Beautymist. Stone sculpture by artist Benjamin Rooyards, beautiful garden by both him and his wife (and ceramist extraordinaire) Katrijn. Enjoy some Spring time in your garden or a friend's this coming weekend!And if it's desperately raining, then browse through Leslie's amazing photostream on Flickr! as always...enjoy!-Beautymist.
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28 mars 2009

Welcoming Spring at Long Last...

I've been busy this springtime with family matters and, well, missed the official Spring Day. So here's to Spring!A little tribute by adding flowers in my humble home. I also cover my beloved Art Deco brown couch with white linen, and change my pillows to off white canvas-covered ones. enjoy!-Beautymist.
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27 mars 2009

PaperCloud Goods

I just love the PaperCloud pendants lamps (see below)! They also have pillows, journals and more. Very Lotta Jansdotter in feel - Nature turned into Art - but beautiful and original in their own right.Their designs are obviously inspired by Nature, and a Nature they respect - their products are Earth-friendly! Check out their new collection due in late Spring! And in the meantime... enjoy!-Beautymist. photos and logo: PaperCloud.found via Jan from the famed ScoutieGirl blog.
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24 mars 2009

A Cup of Tea Before I Go.

I'm so sorry guys, but i have to leave the blog again (family matters). So I'll leave you with a nice cup of tea, published by Domino magazine and found via the decorology blog... enjoy! -Beautymist.
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23 mars 2009

A Little Teaser... ;-)

I just love, love, love this image... You can click on image to view larger...I'll let you know what it is real soon, promise! In the mean time,enjoy!-Beautymist.
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21 mars 2009


hello everyone! i'm sorry I couldn't be with you guys this week, but something happened to my grandpa and well... Famiy emergency let's call it. He's all right now, but I had to be with him close this week. I promise I will be coming back soon! -Beautymist.
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13 mars 2009

Oh, and happy, happy Friday!

Have a swell and swinging weekend everybody! photo found on this photostream (via the poppytalk blog) And if you don't know which music to play, turn to these 'oh so cute' music boxes! enjoy!-Beautymist.
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11 mars 2009

AM-PM Spring collection

AM-PM is the home decor range of the big mail-order company, La Redoute. Here are excerpts from its Spring-Summer Collection, divided in four atmospheres: Countryside, Seaside, Natural, and Minimalist. Here are some details from the collection: Home Office Chair from the "Natural' range. enjoy! -Beautymist
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10 mars 2009

Vincent Van Duysen Architects

I love his minimalistic, quiet style. Minimalistic, but lived-in and warm: lots of creamy whites, warm greys and deep blues. see his profile here. his website: A few pics of his own home below: On the left, Vincent Van Duysen standing before a work of art by photographer Dirk Braekman. On the right, his living-room, filled with light. His apartment is situated in Antwerpen, Belgium. enjoy! -Beautymist.
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