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11 mars 2007

monop pattern

Monoprix (city supermarket) has a sweet and fresh (but not too girlie/pink) pattern for a top and ...a canvas bag too for this coming spring :  They will probably inspire me a doodle, maybe even a more sophisticated drawing...Beautymist photos :
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10 mars 2007

The Cure begins!

The 3rd AT Cure has begun March the 5th! Join on in to "cure" your home, declutter, organize, and decorate better... Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure Beautymist.
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05 mars 2007

my sources of inspiration

holly from the decor8 blog once asked her readers what their sources of inspiration were regarding interiors and decoration. here are mine : deco, design, and house blogs : I love my daily dose of inspiration at AT, esp. : oter decoblogs I read daily: houseblog - house in progress decor8 - of course : victoria smith's blog : magazines (in French) : marie... [Lire la suite]
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01 mars 2007

Welcome to my deco blog!

Welcome to my deco blog! I will store here designs, sources of inspirations and pictures of my own home in order to share and inspire others in turn. Anything and everything I find interesting and inspiring and that I can't post on Flickr for obvious copyright reasons... Toug everything will be sourced so you know where it comes from, who designed it, etc... hope y'oull enjoy the ride! Beautymist. image source : from the "desire to inspire" blog by kim & jo.
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