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06 janvier 2010

And A...

seasons greetings made by me with a vintage mistletoe stamp... ;-) Have a great year everyone!-Beautymist
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21 décembre 2009

Commenting on a great post...

Hi all! Two great links for you today... and a big wish for all: lovely card found on the print+pattern blog You can find on my flickr photostream "12 things i wish for Christmas", right here. What's on YOUR wishlist? Please don't miss this decor8 post and its many comments. They are all lovely and interesting in many ways. Here's what I had to say about it: Beautymist commented: December 18th, 2009 at 12:35 pm Hi! Lovely and inspirational comments from everyone. Thanks for sharing! I do relate to... [Lire la suite]
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19 décembre 2009

Oh, and happy, happy week-end!

This is "Skating in Central Park" by Shout, giclee print, 10.5"x14", $29.99 on Thumbtack Press. (lovely winter art spotted at Apartment Therapy) Have a nice week-end everyone, and I'll talk to you on Monday! my best,-Beautymist
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18 décembre 2009

A Little Hiatus

Hello Lovelies! I'm sorry about the sudden hiatus of the blog... family medical emergency, it was. :-( I'll talk to you sweeties real soon!-Beautymist
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10 décembre 2009

Thoughts for Christmas.

Hello lovelies, My place at night during the winter months... photo by me, Beautymist. 'Tis the merry season again. What are you up to for Christmas? Are you decorating your home? At least, winterizing it a bit? Making gifts yourself, just like Holly Becker advises (wisely) to do? Do you buy handmade? Local? Organic? Green in any way? With care and love and thoughts for the recipient, like sfgirlbybay advises? In this spirit, here is a lovely piece of advice I found via the ever lovely ABT blog: Here's what i've done so far.... [Lire la suite]
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09 décembre 2009

Exotic Insects As Inspiration

Hello, I wanted to share with you some beautiful pictures of nude males... insects! LOLThey are my daily inspiration. Please open your mind to their natural beauty, and don't say "yuck, bugs!" (All images from the "Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle, France", found via MSN Entertainment). Enjoy!-Beautymist.
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08 décembre 2009

More Big, Bold Art I Love

Hello lovelies, As promised, here are more examples of big, bold art I love. Most images are uncredited, and I'm really sorry about that!If you are the owner of the image, the photographer, the stylist, the artist, please, please contact me (by clicking on the "FICTION" book cover on the upper left side of the screen). Thank you for sharing your talent! Alex's place, propably seen at the Apartment Therapy blog Another view of Alex's place. via the JJJJound blog also via the JJJJound blog Nino's apartment (I've... [Lire la suite]
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07 décembre 2009

Bold Art with a Statement

Hello Lovelies! This post has been inspired by this house tour, esp. this image: Just like the French journalist of "Journal de la maison", I think that, on a big white wall, with no windows, i love to see a big colorful piece of art. It makes such a bold statement! In my home, I use my own oil paintings, but here are a few examples of art I love: stunning photo by Joanna Henderson via the ever wonderful sunny blog More pics to come! -Beautymist.
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05 décembre 2009

Tea With JRS from the JJJJound Blog

Hello Lovelies! This is a bit of a subversive post... Read it at your own risk! On a side note: I've been a little ill lately and so my place became a bit like this: I'm sorry I couldn't post much of late! Now things are back to tidy and shiny! (end of side note). I am glad to introduce today the famous and devilish JJJJound blog! I finally found there a tea-related image, so here am I having tea with JRS, founder of this blog: Edwardian silver spirit teapot JRS and I also seem to share a common interet in type and... [Lire la suite]
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02 décembre 2009

Interior Decorator: Jean Charles Gibert

Hello, Today i want to tell you about a French Interior Decorator whose work I appreciate a lot: Jean Charles Gibert. While I'm away preparing this post, you can check his web site : I will soon add here torn pages from the following French magazine featuring Gibert's work: "journal de la maison" (déc '09 jan '10 issue). -Beautymist
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