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05 décembre 2009

Tea With JRS from the JJJJound Blog

Hello Lovelies! This is a bit of a subversive post... Read it at your own risk! On a side note: I've been a little ill lately and so my place became a bit like this: I'm sorry I couldn't post much of late! Now things are back to tidy and shiny! (end of side note). I am glad to introduce today the famous and devilish JJJJound blog! I finally found there a tea-related image, so here am I having tea with JRS, founder of this blog: Edwardian silver spirit teapot JRS and I also seem to share a common interet in type and... [Lire la suite]
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02 décembre 2009

Interior Decorator: Jean Charles Gibert

Hello, Today i want to tell you about a French Interior Decorator whose work I appreciate a lot: Jean Charles Gibert. While I'm away preparing this post, you can check his web site : I will soon add here torn pages from the following French magazine featuring Gibert's work: "journal de la maison" (déc '09 jan '10 issue). -Beautymist
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01 décembre 2009

Good News and Winks

Hello Lovelies ! amazing dyptich by Neville Trickett Wanna know what lovely things I found all over the Internet this week-end? I got some awesome links for you guys! First a little update about me... I've spent a lovely Sunday in the countryside and created a set on Flickr for you to enjoy it! See it all here. Aaaah, la France! Second, Neville Trickett is out of his 'blog withdrawal syndrom' as he calls it and ended his Saint Verde Digest hiatus. He's blogging again, yeah! This is really good news! And December... is it... [Lire la suite]
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27 novembre 2009

Oh, and Happy Happy Friday!

Hello, I wish you all an excellent week-end, chock full of inspiration! image ffffound on the jjjjound blog   Enjoy! -Beautymist.
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26 novembre 2009

Check out this awesome giveaway!

Hello! (image from the paper n' stitch blog) A quick but important note to tell about an awesome giveaway that's taking place at the paper n' stitch blog. Answer this simple question in the comments' section "What are you looking forward to most this year during the holiday season?" and you're in for an wonderful complete holiday wrapping kit from Olive Manna! There are two other ways to enter the giveaway... check them out here. And remember, enjoy!-Beautymist
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26 novembre 2009

Made in France : Lily Latifi

Hello Lovelies, Lily Latifi is a wonderful textile designer. I've noticed her work a few years back, when she was just a young designer, in the "Beginner"s Pages" of the Marie-Claire Maison magazine. Now her range is full blown and has delicate patterns, each available in no less than 97 (!) colors in most cases. Sliding felt curtain in "Victoria" pattern. You will find in her Parisian shop shades, curtains, "Japanese" sliding shades, carpets and felt rugs, along with foam side tables and... [Lire la suite]
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24 novembre 2009

Great Etsy Finds & Etching

Hello Lovelies, A beautiful address rubber stamp by "foryoo" on Etsy. I ordered one with my own name and address. I've been doing quite a lot of Etsy shopping for this upcoming Christmas and the parcels have started to arrive. I'm thrilled with the good quality and the great prices I find at my fave sellers' shops!Some of them include Anna Cote, who makes beautiful gocco-printed calendars, Sandy from the foryoo shop, from which I ordered a Unique Tree Custom Rubber Address Stamp, Pearl who runs the Maya&Ruhi shop and... [Lire la suite]
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20 novembre 2009

Oh, and Happy, Happy Friday!

Hello Lovelies! skillful art of the display and photo by Heather Smith Jones Sheena's lovely Fall view from above.. check out her lovely blog: You may have noticed by now that Fall is my favorite season... ;-) Above are a few of the Fall images I heart the most on flickr. Remember to click on the links to see the original images real up personal and close... And next to Fall and leaves, i really heart raindrops... ;-) ... [Lire la suite]
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19 novembre 2009

Sneak Peek : at Jessica's

I love Jessica's work as a typographer and graphic designer. Here are some photos (by Annie Werbler ) from her vermilion (scarlet) home (via Apartment Therapy). The poster behind her sofa is by calligrapher Seb Lester and can be seen real big on my flickr photostream, right here. Enjoy the whole house tour! -Beautymist
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18 novembre 2009

The Art of Collecting

hello! Love to collect similar items? Group them in bunches and learn the beautiful art of the display. Here are a few examples, including mine. This post is inspired today by the Flickr group "Poppytalk Collectors". First, a lovely example by Sarah Ahearn: I also love these Venetian vases, by Stephen Tuck: And finally, my books about tea: Enjoy! _Beautymist.
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