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26 octobre 2009

Beautiful Type by Jessica H.

Hello!   love Jessica's project! She's a designer and typographer, and offers a daily cap, or "illustrative initial" (like the "I" at the beginning of this sentence) everyday. And she kindly shares her efforts with her readers. Check out "Daily Drop Cap"! ebsite : enjoy! -Beautymist
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24 octobre 2009

My Apologies to John Hopper

Hello, (image from The textile blog, via Apartment Therapy) I've been blogging about Neville Tricket lately and somehow mixed him up with another wonderful man, called John Hopper.How did that happen? Well, they both share a great love for art for instance, they have both wonderful Flickr photostreams, BUT John Hopper is the one with a strong love for textiles and a very organized blog and photostream about the subject. The man is good, believe me, and he's been mentioned on Apartment Therapy, right here. Here is where... [Lire la suite]
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23 octobre 2009

Oh, and A Happy, Happy Friday!

image source unknown. please contact me if you are the author! Have a happy Friday. This week-end, go gather beautiful fall leaves and make art from them!enjoy!-Beautymist.
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21 octobre 2009

My Calendar for 2010

calendar vignette by unknown source. Please let me know if you are the author! 'Tis calendar season! calendar vignette by Holly Becker fro the decor8 blog Looking for a nice calendar for you desk, kitchen, office, or any other room? Check out the decor8 and the poppytalk blogs. They have done very thorough calendar round-ups. So I won't do it here. My purpose here is only to praise the work of Anna Cote's. I love her prints and desk calendars, and it's the second year in a a row that I buy hers, from her "Modern Printed... [Lire la suite]
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20 octobre 2009

Tea with Neville Trickett

*One* man I'd love to have a long, good conversation with a tea cup in hand is called Neville Trickett. He comes all the way from South Africa, I live in Southern France, but we share a similar love for art, anything wunderkammer and strange, and diptychs, to name a few. Victoria from sfgirlbybay had been lucky enough to exchange a few words with him as an "unexpected guest". Check out the interview and the images! Neville has a great blog named Saint Verde (I wish I knew why) and an outstanding flickr stream, with a... [Lire la suite]
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19 octobre 2009

My Sunday Walk

Here's a picture of my Sunday walk in the outdoors. Meet the Marsanne forest in the fall, in the South-East of France (Provence). Here are a couple of leaves I gathered along the way and taped on Awagami paper: Tomorrow, we will be back to design and all things lovely! enjoy!-Beautymist
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17 octobre 2009

Oh, and A Happy, Happy Friday!

she steals the show. by notcatherinezeta. Hello Lovelies! I'm feeling better already (thanks to essential oils used wisely!) and I wish you a happy and playful week end, just like in this photograph. -Beautymist
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16 octobre 2009

The AT Fall Cure Begins

The Cure begins! The 2009 AT Fall Cure has just begun ! Join on in to "cure" and heal your home, declutter, organize, and decorate better... Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure Beautymist.
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15 octobre 2009

Sick in Bed

Hello Lovelies! pretty amazing shot by sam&matteo. I'm so sorry about not blogging lately. I must tell that I am sick in bed. Also my computer crashed. And the day before, I stumbled upon the pavement and hurt my knee pretty bad. On the other hand, I'm in love ( <3 ) and I gathered a LOT of material to show you guys! So hopefully I'll be back soon and things will rock design-wise! :-) -Beautymist.
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05 octobre 2009

Daily Poetics

It all started with Fall Colors, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green. All collected by the PoppyTalk blog that I so love. On the "collecting red" day, I noticed a picture i really liked, it's on the fourth (and bottom) line on this mosaic, the third in the row, when you start looking from the left. And I immediately noticed that said picture was by Flickr member "dailypoetics". I immediately fell for that name. And what a delight was is to discover that behind "Daily Poetics" stood a very interesting collage... [Lire la suite]
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