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26 novembre 2009

Check out this awesome giveaway!

Hello! (image from the paper n' stitch blog) A quick but important note to tell about an awesome giveaway that's taking place at the paper n' stitch blog. Answer this simple question in the comments' section "What are you looking forward to most this year during the holiday season?" and you're in for an wonderful complete holiday wrapping kit from Olive Manna! There are two other ways to enter the giveaway... check them out here. And remember, enjoy!-Beautymist
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23 juillet 2009

too by blu dot...

I'm loving this new line of furniture... Streamlined, modern and affordable! Too by Blu Dot for Urban Outfitters... {photos by urban outfiters} via the oh joy! blog
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14 mai 2009

Fantastic Finds

Heya darlings, Some of you like to find thrifted goods at junk markets, and I think my fave occupation is to find great blogs over the Net, especially by mere coincidence. I peruse Flickr, then i check the photographer's profile, and have a peek at his/her blog and... Voilà! So if you don't know them yet, here are a couple of lovely and inspirational blogs I really like:Sacred Lotus Photography blog (check out her Flickr photostream, it's a must!The MagPie blog, and its "8 things" lists. So funny,... [Lire la suite]
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12 mai 2009

Small is Beautiful

Please read "The Small is Beautiful Manifesto", it's all about small and passionate blogs!enjoy! -Beautymist.
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07 mai 2009

Hello greeting card

Jessica says: "Download a fun little printable card from the talented Larissa Holland. It comes in a standard version and a jazzed up model." via how about orange blog Beautymist.
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09 avril 2009

Diptyque Cosmetics

photo by frolic Diptyque's fragrant candles are now been renowned for some time worldwide, not only in France, where they set their first shop in 1961. Proof of it is the above photo, taken by Chelsea Fuss of {frolic!}, blogger and photo stylist extraordinaire. ;-) I am so happy, that Diptyque is now having a small range of cosmetics, called the "Art of Care", and which is a new activity to them. I especially loved their "fresh body lotion" (200ml, 40euros), that has a very dainty orange blossom smell,... [Lire la suite]
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25 septembre 2008

things i've printed (for free)

Thanks to wonderful blogs like "FREE design goodies", "how about orange", "templettes", "creature comforts".... I found and printed: a pretty Blueprint calendar (from September to December 2008, can't wait for the 2009 version!) a mid century modern memory game : see here. Keri Smith's "The Artist's Suvival Kit" (on carboard) Booklets (or "pocket albums") of my Flickr photos lyrics of my fave songs illustrated by wonderful illustrations from the... [Lire la suite]
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14 février 2008

My favorite things...

Just images, no words, about my fave things in life... Enjoy! Beautymist
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07 février 2008

things i love thursday : hula girl

blog button by "blog butttons" A new pool started on Flickr. It's called "things i love thursdays" and it's about blogging about the things you love and then posting a picture of them on said pool! Sounds fun to me! Today, I want to tell about someone I admire and that inspires me, Andrea aka "hula girl" and her great blog, "Hula Seventy". Isn't her blog banner and blog button - as seen above - just look great? "Hula Girl" has lots of energy (she dances) and you can... [Lire la suite]
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