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21 avril 2013

Adding The Finshing Touches To Get the Perfect Place: How to create a home.

Hello Lovelies, Muriel Cibot's cute little nook she uses as a home office. Notice the egg-shaped desk lamp, the lovely dark grey desk and the custom-made woof shelving behind desk. That chair is good-looking, but probably not very comfortable, though... Two days ago, I gave you a small glimpse at Muriel Cibot's place in Paris. She is a French interior decorator. The photo I posted of her living-room was OK-ish but might seem bland. A bit minimal and yes, bare. something was missing. I'd say, the finisqhing touches, such as a rug... [Lire la suite]

10 février 2010

New Series : Timeless Pieces of Furniture

Hello Lovelies ! I stumbled upon this 2005 (!) catalogue/magazine, and found it's chock full of beautiful images of timeless pieces!So starting today, it will be my little corner of inspiration. You will get to see images, photographs, interiors and vignettes of : Sitting:the armchairthe sofathe chair The piece of furniture:the bookcasethe dresserthe tablethe bed Lighting:lampschandeliers I'll add the links to each category as I go... Hope you'll enjoy this new series! enjoy!-Beautymist.
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02 décembre 2009

Interior Decorator: Jean Charles Gibert

Hello, Today i want to tell you about a French Interior Decorator whose work I appreciate a lot: Jean Charles Gibert. While I'm away preparing this post, you can check his web site : I will soon add here torn pages from the following French magazine featuring Gibert's work: "journal de la maison" (déc '09 jan '10 issue). -Beautymist
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17 novembre 2009

Today I Dig...

Today I really dig this page torn from "Maison Magazine", september/october 2009 issue : It is Karen Monny's living-room. She's a stylist, and it shows! enjoy!-Beautymist
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09 novembre 2009

Nino Sabatino's "Masculine Chic" Condo

Hello Lovelies, Hooray! My computer works (almost) perfectly well now and I can scan pages from fave magazines to share with you. Today i want to show you Nino Sabatino's place. The man has serious taste, but is not afraid of trial and error. While working for the Gucci store in Munich by day, he redecorates his apartment by night! First, his place has been all white and beige... or is plain and bland? LOL, just kidding. Then, it's been all purple!!! A few purple accessories remain now, as it turns a beautiful and musculine... [Lire la suite]
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09 septembre 2009

A Fresh Danish Home

Hello lovelies, "Bath series" by Karen Skotte-Lund @ KopCup. I'm usually attracted to small home decor, since i live in a small apartment myself.... But this Danish home I'm about to scan (you can click on each image to view it real large) and show to you today is really special. It made it to the cover of French decor magazine "le journal de la maison", Sept. 2009 issue, and rightfully so! Here's the cover story, showing the dining-room - I love its cheerful colors: The couple living there, Karen &... [Lire la suite]
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02 septembre 2009

A Very Special Cannes House

I love this vignette from the Cinema Villa in Cannes, which changes its decor and scenery every year! Also each room is stylized in a diffrent way, it's a crazy place to be in... Below is my fave room: Mid-Centyury modern meets Tribal Art. Very glamorous! Click on image to view real large. Torn from "Maison Française" magazine, April-May '09 issue. Enjoy! -Beautymist.
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24 août 2009

Moving Forward

Hello Lovelies! I decided it's time for this blog to move forward and give you more decor porn to look at - just like the example above! I have been cleaning and organizing a lot lately, you can see a few pics here on Flickr, and I'll post about this more at length tomorrow, BUT the result is that I threw away a lot of magazines and kept quite a few of which I mean to tear the best pages "for your eyes only", scan them and post them here, so I can throw away even more mags, but still enjoy the best they have to offer. ... [Lire la suite]
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