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19 avril 2013

The Beauty of the Letterpress

Hello lovelies! the Beauty of the Letterpress logo. After reading this blog post over at "how about orange" (a fave blog of mine), I decided it was really worth donating a little dough in order to help the Hamilton Type Museum. You can donate as little as 5 dollars and get a nice letterpress postcard for your contribution to the project. 100% of your contribution goes to help the Hamilton Type Museum. more details here and on the "Beauty of the Letterpress" contribution page. image source : the Beauty of the Letterpress. Since the... [Lire la suite]
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12 avril 2010

This is Not Goodbye...

Hello Lovelies! images taken from the portfolio of pro photographer Petrina Tinslay (via the decor8 blog) As of today, I write and post to three blogs (one personal blog in French, two other blogs in English), among other creative and professional activities... And I've began to think that three is well... too much for me (and probably for you, too). So this is not goodbye, as I intend to blog here from time to time, but instead this is to tell you that from now on I'm concentrating on a new project, namely my art sold through an... [Lire la suite]
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27 février 2010

So Sorry!

Hello Lovelies! So what are the news about my blogging?! Well, I've been looking like that for the past 2 loooong weeks: So hopefully I will get back on my two feet soon. Will blog asap! -Beautymist.
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12 février 2010

Words to Shoot By

Hello Lovelies! Thanks to "hula seventy" and this wonderful, fresh photo of hers, i discovered a new blog, called "Words to Shoot By: a photographic collaboration." i miss so much my friday flickr fix here's my version of their "blue" theme for February: these photos are taken from my Flickr favorites. the pic in the middle can be seen here. if i had to show three blue pics by me, then it would be this triptych (click on it to view it larger): see the originals as follows: 1.... [Lire la suite]
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18 décembre 2009

A Little Hiatus

Hello Lovelies! I'm sorry about the sudden hiatus of the blog... family medical emergency, it was. :-( I'll talk to you sweeties real soon!-Beautymist
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05 décembre 2009

Tea With JRS from the JJJJound Blog

Hello Lovelies! This is a bit of a subversive post... Read it at your own risk! On a side note: I've been a little ill lately and so my place became a bit like this: I'm sorry I couldn't post much of late! Now things are back to tidy and shiny! (end of side note). I am glad to introduce today the famous and devilish JJJJound blog! I finally found there a tea-related image, so here am I having tea with JRS, founder of this blog: Edwardian silver spirit teapot JRS and I also seem to share a common interet in type and... [Lire la suite]
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24 octobre 2009

My Apologies to John Hopper

Hello, (image from The textile blog, via Apartment Therapy) I've been blogging about Neville Tricket lately and somehow mixed him up with another wonderful man, called John Hopper.How did that happen? Well, they both share a great love for art for instance, they have both wonderful Flickr photostreams, BUT John Hopper is the one with a strong love for textiles and a very organized blog and photostream about the subject. The man is good, believe me, and he's been mentioned on Apartment Therapy, right here. Here is where... [Lire la suite]
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20 septembre 2009

Back in Town!

Souvenir de Paris, originally uploaded by Arnold Pouteau’s. Hello lovelies! Just a quick note to say I'm back from Paris! I came back from Paris, tired, sad and disappointed in the city’s art galleries. But that's another story. More about it tomorrow. Talk soon,Beautymist. Paris in the fog photos: source unknown (wish I knew who took those awesome pictures!)
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27 août 2009

A Slight Computer Problem...

Hello, Lovelies, I apologize for not uploading a post yesterday, I wasn't sleeping like this beauty up above, instead there was a huge storm here and I experienced modem problems. Sorry for the inconvenience! I'll be back soon, promise! Beautymist.
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24 août 2009

Moving Forward

Hello Lovelies! I decided it's time for this blog to move forward and give you more decor porn to look at - just like the example above! I have been cleaning and organizing a lot lately, you can see a few pics here on Flickr, and I'll post about this more at length tomorrow, BUT the result is that I threw away a lot of magazines and kept quite a few of which I mean to tear the best pages "for your eyes only", scan them and post them here, so I can throw away even more mags, but still enjoy the best they have to offer. ... [Lire la suite]
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