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12 avril 2010

This is Not Goodbye...

Hello Lovelies! images taken from the portfolio of pro photographer Petrina Tinslay (via the decor8 blog) As of today, I write and post to three blogs (one personal blog in French, two other blogs in English), among other creative and professional activities... And I've began to think that three is well... too much for me (and probably for you, too). So this is not goodbye, as I intend to blog here from time to time, but instead this is to tell you that from now on I'm concentrating on a new project, namely my art sold through an... [Lire la suite]
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27 février 2010

So Sorry!

Hello Lovelies! So what are the news about my blogging?! Well, I've been looking like that for the past 2 loooong weeks: So hopefully I will get back on my two feet soon. Will blog asap! -Beautymist.
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12 février 2010

Thinking of You

Hello Lovelies! original photo by cxwww - published with permission. Thanks! Still a little ill... Still drinking hot ginger tea... But thinking of you dears...I will be back tomorrow! -Beautymist.
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18 décembre 2009

A Little Hiatus

Hello Lovelies! I'm sorry about the sudden hiatus of the blog... family medical emergency, it was. :-( I'll talk to you sweeties real soon!-Beautymist
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03 juin 2009

Happy Belated B*Day to Me!

see you soon!-Beautymist.
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