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10 juin 2017

Chiyogami Paper is Wonderful!

Need a nice patterned paper for a craft project?Go check the chiyogami amazing Japanese patterns at Canon's Creative Park! There are pages of them there... Yum! Jusy go to Canon's website, click, click on the "Art" scrolldown menu, then select "chiyogami" and... voilà!   You can use chiyogami for many projects, for example:   found via the How About Orange blog. Thanks Jessica! enjoy!-Beautymist.
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23 avril 2009

Japan Brand

It's no secret I heart Japanese design, both traditional and contemporary. I believe what "Japan Brand" is doing is an amazing twist on ancient Japanese craft, and a great idea.       What is JAPAN BRAND?       JAPAN BRAND takes the incredible wealth of traditional techniques and materials in each area of Japan, and establishes them into new brands for our contemporary lives, across the entire world market. A multitude of regional small and medium enterprises,... [Lire la suite]
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