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03 novembre 2017

Inspiration: Dark Walls

Hello Lovelies,   It's been a while since I posted here... LIfe's been busy.Which is a good thing!   So... back to my timeless love for dark, dramatic places. I found this beautiful space shared by a couple of creative people on the French IKEA website (they have a great "inspirational ideas" page): I like that it's set in the city of Berlin, and that two bloggers/artists live there. Kind of reminds me of Sandra Juto... Would love to visit Berlin someday... The design*sponge blog has published a great piece on the... [Lire la suite]
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02 février 2010

Nice Color Combo

Hello Lovelies! I really like the color combo in this house: This is Catherine's place, and you can visit it thoroughly here. Since I love white flowers, like the ones shown above, I love a quite dark background to befit them best. Here we have a touch of (dark) orange and other autumn colors. Love! enjoy! -Beautymist. 
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03 novembre 2009

Masculine Flair

I'm a woman, but I love what are traditionally considered "masculine" colors, such as charcoal grey, deep reds, black, rich chocolate, navy blue, etc... I also love the Apartment Therapy blog, because it represents the tastes of both sexes...Here are a few "dark" rooms for inspiration, from my image archives. If they are not properly credited, please contact me and i'll correct that! Thanks!You can click on all images to view them real large. This is a view of furniture designer Christophe Delcourt's bedroom... [Lire la suite]
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04 mai 2009

In The Mood For Dark Wood

Hi, I'm happy to be back in town! ;-) I'm glad to discover I'm not the only girl into dark, masculine wood. Check out Nina's apartment on AT! I've always been into dark wook and masculine flair. I believe it derives from my genuine love for Art Deco and the Thirties style, esp. Hollywood's Golden Era! Here are a few examples I stumbled upon last week on the blogosphere: an amazing collecting of Danish and German vases (unknown source). Pernille Vest is the stylist for this photo. Check out her amazing portfolio! ... [Lire la suite]
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