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21 avril 2013

Adding The Finshing Touches To Get the Perfect Place: How to create a home.

Hello Lovelies, Muriel Cibot's cute little nook she uses as a home office. Notice the egg-shaped desk lamp, the lovely dark grey desk and the custom-made woof shelving behind desk. That chair is good-looking, but probably not very comfortable, though... Two days ago, I gave you a small glimpse at Muriel Cibot's place in Paris. She is a French interior decorator. The photo I posted of her living-room was OK-ish but might seem bland. A bit minimal and yes, bare. something was missing. I'd say, the finisqhing touches, such as a rug... [Lire la suite]

22 février 2010

My New, Zen-like Home!

Hello Lovelies! I'm sure that by now, you'd love to see a few glimpses of my home! Here's the challenge I've overcome over the week-end: choose only the best, most beautiful, most useful objects around your home. toss/discard/give/recycle the rest. Having to take photographs actually helps you to do it! ;-) ...So here are *my* keepers in the entry/hallway : in the kitchen: in the dining-room: in the living-room: in the bedroom: What are your keepers? Do you like a Zen, tranquil, uncluttered look for your home? ... [Lire la suite]
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19 mai 2009

Tea With Anna Spiro

her house tour @ AT LA : her beautiful blog : Absolutely Beautiful Things (ABT) her custom cushions : her designs @ Black + SpiroI love everything about Anna! enjoy! -Beautymist.
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07 avril 2009

Emery et Cie

Hello, Remember my little teaser? Well it is a wrought iron door (above) with a wonderful, oh-so-spring motif of birds on it, by Emery et Cie. Agnès Emery founded her company, Emery et cie, in Belgium. Over the years, and through working with skillful artisans+, she has gathered quite a lot to offer, from wallpaper, to paint, to Moroccan ceramics, to wrought iron hardware, to fabric and clothes, lighting, rugs and tableware... Almost anything for the home. And i forgot the furniture dept, too! Don't miss her website,... [Lire la suite]
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18 février 2009

How Could I Miss This Blog?!

photo by the amazingly talented Rachel Whiting, via decorology. Hi all, I just discovered a new design blog, that I love very much and hihgly recommend! It's called "decorology" and its author is, by her own words, "a web designer by day, but (that) also love interior design, home decorating, and all manners of design in general!" enjoy! -Beautymist.
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13 février 2009

Reading Nooks I Like

photo via AT My idea of a comfortable and beautiful reading nook is again based on neutral colors (dark brown in the example above) for the furniture and a big painting with contrasting colors for pizzazz! and what is to me "perfection": photo by Justin Bernhaut enjoy! _Beautymist.
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12 février 2009

Home Offices I Like

I like them in neutral colors, minimalistic and with a masculine flair to them. Here are a few examples: Read the whole story here. (photo House & Gardens UK via AT). Monique's home office via AT photo found via AT I told you about this one once, but couldn't resist putting on again... Karl's Home Office and probably my fave minimalistic setting: enjoy! -Beautymist
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09 février 2009

Bathrooms I Like

I like very simple, clean bathrooms. My fave colors there date back to the 30's: white and chrome. A hint of light blue or very light gray can do too. ;-) photo published on 1/28/09 on AT. enjoy! -Beautymist.
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17 septembre 2008

Atelier LZC's 10th Anniversary!

LZC wall decal. Click to view larger. Yes, you read right, the "Atelier" (workshop) of L(ambert), Z(orn), & C(ailloux) has been producing wonderful, poetic products for 10 years! For the occasion, they have even re-published some of their more famous posters and wall decals of their early days... Here are some of their wonderland printmaking products... Where to buy?You can find most of their products at Rose and Radish in San Francisco, on a French online store called or at the original [Lire la suite]
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16 septembre 2008

An amazing apartment inspired by a Rex Ray painting

Interior decorator : Amy Lau Just look at this amazing Goffe apartment! enjoy! Beautymist via Apartment Therapy
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