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23 mars 2010

Jewelry Organizing Tips

Hello Lovelies! I'm obsessed with this subject (and I've blogged about it before). Now I found a great gallery of images with simple, easy-to-reproduce-at-home displays of jewelry! image from the Notebook (Australian) Magazine. Enjoy!-Beautymist
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24 novembre 2009

Great Etsy Finds & Etching

Hello Lovelies, A beautiful address rubber stamp by "foryoo" on Etsy. I ordered one with my own name and address. I've been doing quite a lot of Etsy shopping for this upcoming Christmas and the parcels have started to arrive. I'm thrilled with the good quality and the great prices I find at my fave sellers' shops!Some of them include Anna Cote, who makes beautiful gocco-printed calendars, Sandy from the foryoo shop, from which I ordered a Unique Tree Custom Rubber Address Stamp, Pearl who runs the Maya&Ruhi shop and... [Lire la suite]
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14 avril 2009

MORE Artful Ways of Hanging Jewelry

Ekta's tailor dummy. Putting necklaces around a dummy's neck is a nice idea, too! Check out Ekta's dummy above, and Diane's bedroom, below (thanks, xojy!). I also love Emily Ballard's idea, seen on AT. Says Emily "And the necklace idea came from both Pottery Barn/Domino, I made them with small boards covered in foam and then with linen". See for yourself how nice the outcome is: And finally, my own jewelry nook: enjoy! -Beautymist.
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31 mars 2009

Artful Ways of Hanging Jewelry

photo Hygge & West. Hello, You may, just like me, have gathered quite a few pieces of jewelry in your life, whether family heirlooms or more modern twists on body adornment, and so are now looking for artful ways to display it. And it has to be practical, too! I have thus picked up a few inspirational photos for you and me. The first picture I found via the always inspiring decor8 blog, and it features a small nook by Christiana Coop's bedside. The hangers are by her own company, Hygge and West. Read more about it... [Lire la suite]
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23 février 2009

SALE: Julie Lake contemporary Jewelry!

Hello,...couldn't help but buy Julie Lake's simple and modern jewelry @Etsy (she's having a sale). A Sevruga ring and umbellets studs! yipee!Here's the ring:photos by Julie Lake.enjoy!-Beautymist.
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