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21 avril 2013

Spring is finally here: a wishlist for me and my new rental. (Part I : a new perfume for me).

Hello Lovelies, So yes, i recently mentioned that i had moved to a (slightly) bigger and (much) better place. Nown wnat do I do next? How do i decorate the place so it feel like home? I have started a pinterest board for random stuff i want/need for me and my new rental. I also have a secret board for my Sppring 2013 Wishlist. Finally, i have a board dedicated to finding the perfect pendant/chandelier for my high-ceilings living-room. One of my fave (and affordable) option is this chandelier by Habitat: This move has been quite... [Lire la suite]
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09 avril 2009

Diptyque Cosmetics

photo by frolic Diptyque's fragrant candles are now been renowned for some time worldwide, not only in France, where they set their first shop in 1961. Proof of it is the above photo, taken by Chelsea Fuss of {frolic!}, blogger and photo stylist extraordinaire. ;-) I am so happy, that Diptyque is now having a small range of cosmetics, called the "Art of Care", and which is a new activity to them. I especially loved their "fresh body lotion" (200ml, 40euros), that has a very dainty orange blossom smell,... [Lire la suite]
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