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21 avril 2013

Adding The Finshing Touches To Get the Perfect Place: How to create a home.

Hello Lovelies, Muriel Cibot's cute little nook she uses as a home office. Notice the egg-shaped desk lamp, the lovely dark grey desk and the custom-made woof shelving behind desk. That chair is good-looking, but probably not very comfortable, though... Two days ago, I gave you a small glimpse at Muriel Cibot's place in Paris. She is a French interior decorator. The photo I posted of her living-room was OK-ish but might seem bland. A bit minimal and yes, bare. something was missing. I'd say, the finisqhing touches, such as a rug... [Lire la suite]

26 novembre 2009

Made in France : Lily Latifi

Hello Lovelies, Lily Latifi is a wonderful textile designer. I've noticed her work a few years back, when she was just a young designer, in the "Beginner"s Pages" of the Marie-Claire Maison magazine. Now her range is full blown and has delicate patterns, each available in no less than 97 (!) colors in most cases. Sliding felt curtain in "Victoria" pattern. You will find in her Parisian shop shades, curtains, "Japanese" sliding shades, carpets and felt rugs, along with foam side tables and... [Lire la suite]
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24 octobre 2009

My Apologies to John Hopper

Hello, (image from The textile blog, via Apartment Therapy) I've been blogging about Neville Tricket lately and somehow mixed him up with another wonderful man, called John Hopper.How did that happen? Well, they both share a great love for art for instance, they have both wonderful Flickr photostreams, BUT John Hopper is the one with a strong love for textiles and a very organized blog and photostream about the subject. The man is good, believe me, and he's been mentioned on Apartment Therapy, right here. Here is where... [Lire la suite]
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27 août 2009

Chartreuse Patterns

Hello,You know me... I'm a sucker for chartreuse. My fave design by sangeeta dhankani is of course this one:'pin down * a cloud' is a freelance textile and surface design service by sangeeta dhankani, who is based in dubai, UAE. sangeeta loves textile design and illustration and she has an online folio here. lovely wallpaper from cole & son which features a chartreuse floral pattern. called 'hickory' its from their 'contemporary III' collection. as seen here. via the print and pattern lovely blog.Beautymist.
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25 septembre 2008

Leanne Culy : amazing textiles from NZ!

Grace over at the delightful Design*Sponge blog recently made an amazing find, amazing textile design by Leanne Culy. Here is what Grace says: "the beautiful textiles above and below are the work of leanne culy, an incredible designer based in new zealand. leanne recently designed a line of fabric for home base collections in NZ that reflects her love of nature, a sense of softness and the sense of place that she feels is unique to new zealand. all of the fabrics in leanne’s line for home base collections are... [Lire la suite]
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23 juillet 2008

"Checker Split" pattern

Anna of doorsixteen fame says of her own interior : "This IKEA rug (below) was clearly inspired by Alexander Girard's "Checker Split" fabric (as seen above), one of my favorite patterns." The original "Checker Split" fabric by Alexander Girard, 1965 as compared to the Alvine Triangel rug from IKEA : Alexander Girard's style clearly inspired other designs, like this doormat : and this 1975 bedspread, (and so on) :   Another variation on... [Lire la suite]
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22 juillet 2008

A 1965 pattern obsession

Anna got me obsessed with this 1965 fabric pattern. More about sweet Anna and this pattern soon to come! Beautymist
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13 juillet 2008

LOTTA's linen remnant bags

Here is what they say at LOTTA's: "We hate to waste precious pieces of material so we have filled a cute bag with Lotta Jansdotter linen fabric remnants in a range of colors and sizes. Each bag is filled with approx. 36x24" of fabric, often more, and each is composed by Lotta herself. There is at least 5 different patterns in each bag and no two bags are alike. They are perfect for quilting projects , collage and for smaller projects such as checkbook covers, pouches and pincushions." I find... [Lire la suite]
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09 juillet 2008

Robert le Héros' "Abstraction" series

bed linens designed by "Robert le Héros" design team sold at These series of bed linens are called "Abstraction". enjoy ! Beautymist.
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