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02 mars 2010

Tea With Sweet Paul

Hello Lovelies! Let's have a nice cup of tea now, shall we? Photo:Wendell WebberStylist: Sweet Paul. enjoy!-Beautymist.
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27 janvier 2010

Tea With Matt Wingfield

Hello Lovelies ! Isn't this print by Matt Wingfield lovely? I just can't have enough of it! It is sweet in so many ways... So... let's have so tea with Matt. It's always tea-time on my blog anyway! lol! enjoy! -Beautymist. found via the print+pattern blog
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05 décembre 2009

Tea With JRS from the JJJJound Blog

Hello Lovelies! This is a bit of a subversive post... Read it at your own risk! On a side note: I've been a little ill lately and so my place became a bit like this: I'm sorry I couldn't post much of late! Now things are back to tidy and shiny! (end of side note). I am glad to introduce today the famous and devilish JJJJound blog! I finally found there a tea-related image, so here am I having tea with JRS, founder of this blog: Edwardian silver spirit teapot JRS and I also seem to share a common interet in type and... [Lire la suite]
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10 novembre 2009

Tea with Indierocket

Hello Lovelies! (image found here) Today I'm happy to say my computer is back to working perfectly! While I add pics to previous posts, i highly recomment that you browse the 766 (!) photos of gorgeous interiors of indierocket on Flickr. Lots of beautiful homes, and chalkboards galore! Have a nice day!-Beautymist
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28 octobre 2009

Tea (and bugs) with the Caravan

hello Lovelies! I found out about the great store, online or not, named "Caravan", through the clever Victoria and her sfgirlbybay blog. Here are a few of its tea-related items. Beautiful and sweet, aren't they? Now, they hold something that is NOT for the weak-hearted, but that with my love for bugs I really want, is a set of bugs magnets for the fridge! Hooray! enjoy! -Beautymist
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20 octobre 2009

Tea with Neville Trickett

*One* man I'd love to have a long, good conversation with a tea cup in hand is called Neville Trickett. He comes all the way from South Africa, I live in Southern France, but we share a similar love for art, anything wunderkammer and strange, and diptychs, to name a few. Victoria from sfgirlbybay had been lucky enough to exchange a few words with him as an "unexpected guest". Check out the interview and the images! Neville has a great blog named Saint Verde (I wish I knew why) and an outstanding flickr stream, with a... [Lire la suite]
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07 septembre 2009

Tea With Nan Lawson

Hello! A very sweet love-filled teapot by Nan Lawson... Prints can be purchased here.
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31 août 2009

Tea with Studio Velvet

Studio Velvet News                         Studio Velvet is launching two new re-used porcelain collections this autumn. The first set will be availble at Studio Violet shop on Wednesday, September 2nd, at 12 midnight swedish time. The collection is a small, exclusive one of a kind-series. I love that is re-used and recycled, and it is perfect for having tea with!enjoy!Beautymist. via my daily read, the ever-wonderful Poppytalk... [Lire la suite]
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24 août 2009

Tea With Amy Butler

The fantastic designer Amy Butler has a new line of rugs, inspired by her famous textile, recently released. Tea (or is it coffee?) is included in her always beautiful and inspiring lifestyle photographs. Check it out! To view an awesome slideshow of all her rugs see here : And... enjoy! Beautymist
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10 août 2009

Tea with Margarita from the Chocolate Creative blog

Hello lovelies! This is the lovely house of Margarita from the Chocolate Creative blog I love the use she makes of teapots and teacups as part of the decor. Her inspiration : "Well I look for inspiration in traditional craft, embroidery, stitching, old linens, vintage textiles, art, museums, (V&A in London), design, interiors, old objects that has got a story to tell, places I visit. My most recent travel was to Brazil, I fell for the country, the people, the music, the landscape, etc…" via the... [Lire la suite]
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