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14 décembre 2008

My recent purchases @ Etsy


Anna Cote's beautiful custom prints and 2009 calendar.


I've tried to show here in this blog all things that i find beautiful. Now, what did I actually buy for myself lately? I did all kinds of purchases, not necessarily holidays related. So this is my list, and you can now discover what I truly heart.

Some of my fave sellers @ Etsy are :

Prints & Photographs:


The Green Chair Press: Prints for all typography lovers! They are hung on my living-room wall.

Anna Cote from "Modern Printed Matter". I bought my 2009 calendar from her. It doesn't show in the pic (above), but there are some iridescent details in her prints. Such a lovely surprise!

Labokoff - love her photos. Bought her "barrière" mini-print and had it framed. My camera is broken so the pics will come later.

Alicia Bock - another talented photographer. I bought for my own pleasure her "Solstice" print in a large format. I plan to cover a whole white wall with prints from artists i love, just like sfgirlbybay (see here what i mean).

Jewelry :


I bought a pair of lovely hoops with a floral ending from ShopClementine. I have to clean them with alcohol very often, otherwise they irritate my ears' skin, but other than that, they're lovely. They can be worn as everyday jewelry, for a first date or a special occasion: very versatile!

I'd love to buy a ring from julie Lake, but i have to wait til i have enough money - these are a bit pricey.

I also love the Pebble collection, spotted at the Scoutie Girl blog, and plan to buy a pair of quartz earrings soon!



Three kinds of beautiful vintage butterflies tags from "Blue Bird Lane"


A Holly template (very cheap, can be seen above) from "Apples in June" so I can print my own tags, gifts wraps, letters, etc... I also bought a custom dandelion stationery with my name on it. Beautiful, simple and oh so cheap!


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    Ooooh! These are all so lovely!!!!!

    Posté par kylie, 18 décembre 2008 à 23:59

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